Updated on Mar 14, 2018


Invited Talks


G. Lee, International Conference of Korean Society of Sport Biomechanics, Korea, Dec, 2019

G. Lee, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), Korea, Nov, 2019.

G. Lee, “Lightweight and Comfortable Wearable Robots for Assistance and Rehabilitation”, Promising Young Scientist, The Korea Society of Mechanical Engineers, Korea, Nov, 2019.

G. Lee, Warrior Platform Seminar, Seoul Aerospace & Defence Exhibition (ADEX), Korea, Oct, 2019

G. Lee, Presidential Security Service, Cheong Wa Dae (청와대), Korea, Sep, 2019

G. Lee, Korea Wearable Research Forum (한국웨어러블연구조합 포럼), Korea, Sep, 2019

G. Lee, Veteran Health Service Medical Center, Korea, Jul, 2019

G. Lee, Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence, Korea, Jul, 2019

G. Lee, Biomedical Engineering Research Center, Asan Medical Center, Korea, May, 2019

G. Lee, Department of Physical Education, Seoul National University, Korea, May, 2019

G. Lee, Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology, Seoul National University, Korea, Feb, 2019

G. Lee, Young Scientist Session, The Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference, Korea, Jan, 2019


G. Lee, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ajou University, Korea, Nov, 2018

G. Lee, Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI), Korea, Nov, 2018

G. Lee, Agency for Defense Development (ADD), Korea, Sep, 2018

G. Lee, Wearable Computing Lab., Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI), Korea, May, 2018


G. Lee and C. J. Walsh, “Lightweight and Efficient Soft Exosuits for Walking and Running”, Smart Mechanics - Fusion of Softness and Rigidity in Robot Mechanism, IROS workshop, Canada, Sep, 2017

G. Lee, “Soft exoskeleton – present and future”, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, May, 2017.


G. Lee, “Energy savings of a robot system with redundant actuation”, Promising Young Scientist, The Korea Society of Mechanical Engineers, Korea, Nov, 2015.



Samsung Research Funding & Incubation Center of Samsung Electronics (삼성미래기술육성사업 지정테마 선정)